Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Recap

All aboard the Christmas Train!

This picture is from our lovely après-Noel visit to Vancouver. My sister had bought tickets for us to go to the Bright Lights show in Stanley Park, complete with train ride through all the lights and Christmas displays,with musical accompaniment and culminating in a dancing stiltsman (when I checked stiltman in my computer's dictionary it asks "did you mean Stilton?!"). For my regular readers, you can now put a face to "George" (centre) and "Amalia" (right). We had a wonderful time in snowy Vancouver. Our timing was really lucky as we were able to get there and back without any snow-related trouble. Our other outing was up Grouse Mountain (on gondola) for skating, rides on a snowtractor-pulled-sleigh and hot chocolate in the lodge. It was quite a mob scene on the mountain, and a thick fog set in while we were there, so we were happy to head back down a few hours later and return to their cozy house for homemade mac and cheese. Really my sister should go into travel planning.

Candy on the beach

Less than one week later (Jan. 2nd) we had a Beautiful day, so I convinced Sam and Lily to join me for a walk to the beach (they were in full vacation mode, still in pjs, and had already declined a visit to the museum with Dylan and Alex, but I was quite determined to get out and enjoy the sun/give the kids a good dose of vitamin D, so I bribed them with a stop for penny candy at the confectionary - hence, candy on the beach) Followed by:

Rock hopping

Cliff scrambling

Building a driftwood staircase

And finally, the sunset

I had to keep reminding myself it was January 2nd. Sam absolutely wanted to go swimming and was furious I hadn't brought his trunks. I'll have to sign him up for the next polar bear dip. If it is any consolation to those who may not have enjoyed these activities so early in the New Year, we have had almost continuous grey weather since. This has actually worked out for me, since 2009 got busy fast, what with deadlines looming for the book and deciding to finally, at long last, complete my neverending B.A. Yes, it's true - if all goes well I will graduate in the spring. I worked my way through a pile of paperwork to get Concordia to grant me permission to finish my last two courses at UVic, and went through the pile of paperwork to be admitted as a visiting student. Classes started on the 5th, and despite increased stress levels, I'm very happy to be there. And what UVic lacks in architectural charm it makes up for in spades with its large population of adorable rabbits (I don't use the word adorable very often, but it really applies here). On the first day of class I counted 9 rabbits on the lawn in front of the building my classes are in. I think that for the next little while, as I am a little overwhelmed by work and school, this may become more of a photo blog, so there may be some UVic bunny portraits coming up. Wait and see! Happy New Year!


Alexandra Yarrow said...

Kris and I demand bunny photos! We love seeing them here along the canal in the bushes. Also, your photos gave me a few minutes of sheer joy in a crazy busy day!

Happy Farmer said...

Great pics ! Womderful account of all your happenings. Great reading with breakfast.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Alex! Bunny photos coming up next week, I promise!
Thank you too, Happy Farmer!